Roaa & Abdullah

Roaa and Abdullah’s Wedding: A Tale of Love, Elegance, and Celebration

Roaa and Abdullah’s paths crossed in Barcelona, a casual encounter that seemed orchestrated by destiny itself. In between the lively atmosphere of the city, both were enjoying the pleasures of vacationing with their respective groups of friends; savoring the catalan gastronomy, appreciating the Mediterranean climate and discovering all the stores in “Passeig de Gràcia”. It was at a café in the heart of Barcelona where their first encounter unfolded. Roaa, patiently waiting for a taxi that never seemed to arrive, found herself engaged in conversation with Abdullah, and from this moment on, the rest is history.

It just seems appropriate and incredibly fitting  to celebrate their love history in Barcelona, considering it’s where their journey began, don’t you think? The city’s vibrant atmosphere, romantic ambiance, and picturesque settings would provide the perfect backdrop for commemorating their special bond and the memories they have created together.

The Pre – wedding

Roaa and Abdullah’s wedding celebration began with the pre-wedding festivities, a day before the wedding ceremony. For their pre-wedding event, they chose the modern terrace of the renowned Hotel Edition in Barcelona, where the couple and their guests, arriving gradually from Saudi Arabia, were staying. The setting was impeccable as it provided the perfect views of Barcelona, which was the perfect introduction of the city for their special day. 

The celebration consisted of a Spanish cocktail-formal dinner that seemed the perfect option to give the guests the perfect opportunity to mingle and get to know each-other before the wedding day. To accompany the celebration, they selected a wonderful instrumental cover duo whose melodies set the tone for the evening, encouraging the couple to share a tender first dance together.

The Wedding

The following day, the wedding commenced early in the morning. The event took place at the iconic Bell Recó, an estate steeped in the history of Catalan bourgeoisie, dating back to 1940. This exclusive venue possesses a three-level garden and features historic artwork inside its walls such as the dome painted by Josep Maria Sert.

Roaa arrived with her closest friends and family to prepare and change in one of the picturesque and magnificent rooms of the estate. Her fiancé Abdullah arrived hours later to spend time with his friends in one of the house’s rooms, cherishing those special moments with them before exchanging vows with his beloved Roaa.

The ceremony was held in one of the most beautiful and famous spots of Bell Recó  presenting magnificent views of the incredible facade. Elegance, sophistication, and purity were the hallmarks of the space’s design. A white carpet marked the path down which Roaa walked hand in hand with her father—a beautiful and emotional moment. The look in Abdullah’s eyes upon seeing Roaa enter spoke volumes about their deep love for each other.

After the sentimental ceremony, the cocktail hour featured various chill-out areas where guests could relax and enjoy the incredible weather. A jazz band entertained the guests, adding to the ambiance of the occasion.

The indoor banquet was absolutely breathtaking. A long, solemn table with a sleek design in whites and golds awaited the guests. Additionally, the guests could enjoy tailor-made indoor chill-out areas as well as a circular bar in matching gold tones, which later became a focal point during the dance party.

Just before their first dance, Roaa surprised Abdullah with a stunning change of look—loose hair adorned with a headband and a breathtaking dress that accentuated her beauty, although that was never in doubt. Now, she was ready for their first dance.

Roaa and Abdullah made a triumphant entrance down the estate’s magnificent wooden staircase and surprised all the guests with their choreographed first dance in the Hall of Bell Recó, set to the rhythm of Frank Sinatra’s “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You.”

But the best was yet to come—the cutting of the marvelous cake, also meticulously designed to complement the overall wedding aesthetic without compromising on flavor, delighting all the guests. And then, the party began! Everyone had a great time and danced, celebrating the union of two souls in love.

The wedding of Roaa and Abdullah was one of a kind. From the enchanting pre-wedding festivities overlooking Barcelona’s skyline to the magnificent wedding at the historic Bell Recó estate, every moment was imbued with beauty and meaning. The meticulous attention to detail, from the carefully curated decor to the surprise moments like Roaa’s stunning change of look and their choreographed first dance, left a lasting impression on all who attended. As the festivities continued into the night, it was evident that Roaa and Abdullah’s union was not only a celebration of their love but also a reflection of the joy and happiness they bring to each other and those around them.

Wedding Planner: Cocó&Carl

Wedding Stylist: Andrea Llàcer Studio

Photographer: Alejandra Ortiz Studio 

Videographer: Alcuadrado Videography

Venue: Bell Recó

Catering: Aspic Catering

Florals: Rita Experience

Rentals: Abanik

Sound & Lighting: Kamal Events & ProTec 

Stationery: De Pluma y Letras  

Cake: Sweetmama

Aperitif entertainment: Ad Libitum

Beauty: Teresa Snowball