Nour &Aymen

Nour and Aymen’s Pre-Wedding Celebration: Where Glamour Meets Party

From the beginning, Nour and Aymen were clear that their pre-wedding event would be filled with color, joy, and, above all, vibrant music. The chosen setting for their wedding was the stunning Castell de Sant Marçal, just 20 minutes from the lively city of Barcelona.

The unique charm of this location captivated the couple, and rightly so. The Castle offers an exceptional environment with beautiful gardens that allowed all guests, many of whom came from Saudi Arabia, to enjoy the good weather alongside a historical Catalan backdrop.

Nour and Aymen had also made it clear that they wanted to celebrate the entire pre-wedding outdoors, if the weather allowed it. For the event, they chose a buffet format held in front of the Castle facade, allowing guests to mingle and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere with only the blue sky above them.

The castle’s courtyard was divided into two sections: one part was designated for the buffets, while the rest of the area was arranged with low and high tables combined with lounge areas and a large dance floor in the center. Two bars combined warm tones of yellow, salmon, and terracotta and perfectly complemented the wedding’s aesthetic. From the patterns of the tablecloths to the buffet signage, every detail was meticulously planned to create a visually stunning experience.

Music and entertainment were fundamental elements for Nour and Aymen’s pre – wedding, representing a typical Lebanese cultural celebration. The afternoon began with the melodies of the Gipsy Kings, performed by a tribute band that moved all the guests onto the dance floor with hits like “Volare.”

The afternoon was filled with joyful dances, delicious food and a delightful social ambiance, around the comfortable sofas in the lounge areas. As dusk fell, another highlight made its entrance: a churros and chocolate food truck served a resounding success among the guests.

The party’s energy continued with the transition from the Gipsy Kings’ pop flamenco music to house rhythms by a handpicked Lebanese DJ. Later, DJ Saura took over the stage to close the night with a final set that kept everyone on the dance floor until late into the night.

The party concluded the exciting first day of Nour and Aymen’s celebrations, where the perfect combination of glamour and party created unforgettable memories for all involved.


Wedding Planner: Cocó&Carl XXXXX.