Nancy & Jeff

Canada meets Catalonia: Nancy and Jeff’s Catalan Wedding Adventure in Barcelona

Nancy and Jeff’s big day can be described in many ways, but essentially, it was a celebration of love. Love for each other, love for family, love for friends, and undoubtedly, love for the Catalan culture.

In his wedding speech, Jeff recounted one of his favorite childhood memories, when listening to his aunt vividly explaining her adventures in Spain. His fascination for the country was fueled since his early days and so  it is no surprise that years later, Jeff chose Spain as the destination for his first trip funded by savings from his first job.

Years later, Jeff crossed paths with his future wife, Nancy. Both being adventurers at heart, they decided that their first trip as a couple lead them nowhere else than Spain, specifically to Barcelona. Despite having only 48 hours in the Catalan lands, their positive outlook on life turned what could have been a challenge into a thrilling adventure—how much could they see and do in Barcelona in such short time?

After their joyous trip, the couple took every excuse to return to the city that captured their hearts. Several years later, Barcelona would become more than their favorite vacation spot – it would become the setting of their dream wedding. 

Their welcome party was held on the modern terrace of The One Hotel, with magnificent views over Barcelona, the bustling Eixample district and the Mediterranean sea. The couple enjoyed a casual cocktail party with its guest, allowing family and friends to mingle and break the ice before the big day.

May the 22nd 2022, dawned with spectacular weather. The wedding day commenced at La Torre dels Lleons, a grand Catalan farmhouse with noble influences built in the 19th century on the ruins of the Picalqués castle, just 10 minutes from downtown Barcelona.

After getting ready in one of the suites at The One Hotel, Nancy arrived at the venue with her cousins, followed by Jeff and his son. A moment touching everyone’s heart was when Jeff’s son, Mason, presented the bridal bouquet to Nancy, and she gifted him customized sneakers. 

The front yard of the house was divided into two event areas. The ceremony took place on the right side, with a winding aisle adorned with organic floral arrangements of various shades of white and green, leading to the altar in front of the house’s Pine tree. 

Jeff walked down the aisle with his son, while Nancy entered with her cousins. The exchange of glances between Nancy and Jeff was truly a magical and emotive moment. 

After the “I do’s” and the tossing of petals for the newlyweds’ exit, the wedding party entered the cocktail hour. The left part of the same area featured high and low tables, a bar, and a buffet of ham and “pa amb tomàquet” – typical specialities of the Catalan gastronomy. 

The styling meticulously curated Mediterranean influences, using olive green tones and typical Catalan gastronomy products such as tomatoes.

Another memorable aspect  of the cocktail hour was the vermouth station. Nancy and Jeff, being great lovers of the Catalan vermouth, set up a corner where guests could leave messages on bottles, which they later took back to Canada as an original version of the well-known guest book.

The acoustic melodies of an enticing duet accompanied the guests during the cocktail hour until the true highlight of the evening unfolded. Jeff and Nancy paid homage to the Catalan culture that they appreciate so much with an outstanding performance of Castellers forming a human tower. Castellers are an integral part of the Catalan festive culture and the guests experienced the tradition in near sight while listening to traditional Castellers music. The moment became even more memorable as Jeff himself joined in one of the towers, leaving guests in awe of the spectacle.  

As guests proceeded to dinner, they encountered the seating plan on personalized tiles inspired by Antoni Gaudí’s naturalistic geometric forms, a nod to Catalan architecture.

The centerpiece of the courtyard presented an imperial table, with a long wooden surface decorated again in Mediterranean style, adorned with local products such as tomatoes and olives. As guests enjoyed dinner, a guitarist created a truly magical atmosphere.

Just after the cake cutting, Nancy and Jeff surprised their guests yet again, performing a traditional dance with new characters from Catalan folklore, the Capgrossos. To end the celebration, alongside these traditional characters, Nancy and Jeff led everyone to the final part of the wedding—the disco, located in the cellar of La Torre dels Lleons. Needless to say, their friends gave it their all on the dance floor to celebrate this special day.

The wedding of Nancy and Jeff in Barcelona was a truly remarkable celebration, embodying love, adventure, and a deep appreciation for the Catalan culture. From their intimate connection to Spain, their whirlwind romance, to the grand celebration of their union in between the picturesque setting of La Torre dels Lleons, every aspect of their special day reflected the couple’s  unique journey and shared passions. Surrounded by family and friends, they embraced Catalan traditions with joy and enthusiasm, from the enchanting Castellers to the original and creative vermouth station. Their wedding was not just a union of two individuals but a fusion of cultures, creating lasting memories for all who were fortunate enough to be a part of their love-filled celebration in the heart of Barcelona.


Wedding Planner: Cocó&Carl 

Wedding Stylist: Andrea Llàcer Studio

Photographer: Juanlu Rujano & Marta Pérez Fotografía

Videographer: Fragments Collection 

Venue: La Torre dels Lleons

Celebrant: Jordi Ros

Catering: Sibaris Catering

Florals: Rita Experience

Rentals: Abanik

Sound & Lighting: Soundworks

Stationery: Martina Lyons

Cake: Lolita Bakery

Aperitif entertainment: Tina Masawi

Dinner entertainment: Daniel Da Silva

Beauty: Teresa Snowball