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It was love at first sight what we felt when we met Sílvia and Gerard, we connected from the first minute. They are both Catalan and have two pretty baby girls, Àfrica and Abril, who are twins.

Something our couple was clear about was that they desired their wedding to inspire romanticism, elegance and an atmosphere as familiar as possible. For those reasons, the chosen venue could only be the wonderful Masia la Garriga de Castelladral, a medieval country house that has been carefully renewed and turned into a truly beautiful and charming EcoHotel one hour away from Barcelona.

Sílvia has always been a star lover so as soon as we knew that, we started working with this concept creating an especially magical environment in which all the guests could have dinner under a tepee covered with handmade glass stars.

The perfect dress and the shoes were by Otaduy: with a maxi design, handcrafted with dotted ivory white tulle, a bateaux neck and flared long sleeve giving the attention to the rear side with a low V-back.

Naturally, the two toddlers wore a dress matching their mothers’ one, manufactured with the same fabric but changing the dots for stars.

The ceremony took place in the forest with a very organic decoration in nude and green colours by the fabulous Mireia Abras.

During the appetizers the guests enjoyed a performance of an ideal musical duet while they were delighted by the beauty corner we specially made for the couple. All sorts of creams, handmade soaps, serums and more products were shown. Those are the same experiences that happen when the bride works at the cosmetics lab and she happily shared that with us.

We truly enjoyed all the process of choosing all the molecules, scents, textures, etc. from all the products along with the bride to be and test all of them on-site. Our subtle and fine stylist Andrea Llàcer prepared individual cute packs for all the guests, whether men or women, who approached the stand.

And then, when the sun was falling and the air went cooler, we seized the opportunity to install our pashmina corner, with the colours we had been working on along with the watercolour branding. They became a complete success, the pashminas ran out instantly… all the girls and women combined them with their dresses.

Once we moved on to the dinner, we enjoyed a musical duet enlivening the night with Roger Usart as the vocal artist. Our groom has always been a folk lover, so we could not have had a better ambiance.

The couple opted for a dinner with different stalls serving different plates with: fish and sea fish, rice, grilled meat, cheese or ham all served by the great catering Sibaris. By doing so, all the settings were alive and moving with long wooden tables covered with flowers as if they were little gardens. All of it was combined with crossback chairs and subtle cutlery and plates.

All these things governed by our magical tepee surrounded by stars thanks to the Tipi Bcn and YourHappyDay team.

Finally, when the coffees were served, we headed to the disco to keep dancing until very late in the night thanks to the wonderful Paréntesis Group team.


It became an awesome night out for all of the people we could take part of it.

Congratulations Sílvia and Gerard!