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It was when Claudio first contacted us to surprise his girlfriend Claudia when we saw clearly that it was pure love what he felt! Above all, he wanted to surprise and indulge her.

Claudio was very clear about the date of his wedding proposal, as it was the day of their fifth anniversary as a couple. So, little by little, next to him we started designing a really romantic plan, without her knowing it.

The chosen venue was a wonderful hotel placed in the middle of the Empordà. The idea was to spend a very detailed weekend, with a lot of customized amenities for the couple.

Our couple comes from Perú, but they were currently studying a MBA in the city of Barcelona. So what we did was send them a transfer to pick them up from the university at the upper side of the city with the baggage for both that he had prepared in advance. It was then when they could start to enjoy the weekend packed with details where the focus was the element of surprise.

The chosen venue was the hotel Les Hamaques, a hotel that is more than that. It is a way of understanding relaxation, intimacy and the bond with nature. Its spaces are peaceful and harmonious, a place which it is suggested to visit the beautiful region of Emporda known for its medieval villages, amazing beaches, countless sport activities, nature reserves and renowned gastronomy.

As soon as Claudia and Claudio arrived at the hotel, they quickly checked-in and went to their room to rest a bit so we could finish preparing the last details. We made a great team with the wonderful stylist Andrea Llàcer. We set a really romantic table in the nice greenhouse they have at the hotel: the dinnerware and the other chosen materials were by  Nuovi Piatti. We also had a wonderful cake baked by Lolita Bakery and the stationery came from Lovers Love Loving.

The music that was playing was French, with a perfect acoustic and many candles, candles all around the place. There was also floral decorations. Their two wonderful daughters Nathalie and Clara, along with Dominique.

It was a really unique place, with such a magical atmosphere that it is difficult to put it down in words. The dinner, prepared by Ino could not have been better, with his local products: the first course was a pumpkin purée and the second course was baked bass and veggies. Both paired with an excellent local wine.

To be able to capture the moment, we could count on the American photographer Caitlin Bellah, although it became a bit difficult to get good shots angles and perspective due to the complexity of the surprise. But she could finally manage to get some ideal shootings to immortalize that moment for our couple.

Once he gave her the ring, we left them to enjoy their night and relax. It was wonderful! A weekend full of surprises was awaiting them yet the next day, we had organized a wine tasting at some vineyards from the Empordà. After, they grabbed a bike to get lost around the surrounding villages.

In mid-afternoon, we hired two massage therapists to go to their room and give them a relaxing massage. It was endless moments for them to enjoy….

Claudia had a wedding proposal and a weekend that every girl could dream of.