Picking the right wedding dress can take a lifetime. Once this odissey ends, you need to match it with the perfect hairstyle. The choice of the brides hairstyle is probably the most important wedding fashion decision after the wedding gown.

For this important decision, time to browse some 2020 trends. And to make your life easier, we would like to share with you some of these.



Tips for picking a bridal hairstyle

1. Do a trial and plan ahead

You should have you bridal hairstyle decided a few months ahead of your big day. It’s the perfect time to try on different styles you have in mind. Remember though to wear the same make up and the accessories you’re planning for your wedding day.

If you have your hair colored, treated or permed, have it done at least 4 weeks before your wedding day. It will make your hair look more natural, since time will soften it.

Above all its advantages, doing things in advance has a main one. In case of disaster you have a contingency plan.

2. A picture is worth a thousand words

If you see something you like, save it as picture. This will make hairdresser understand exactly what your idea is, and will definitely match your expectations.

3. Do not wash your hair on your wedding day

As crazy as it might seem, curls look much better if they’re made with hair that is not freshly washed. This applies for hairstyles that invovles using a flat iron or any other curling tools.

Wash it the night before the wedding, and us a leave-in conditioner to outline the curls.

4. Be true to yourself

Do not exagerate! An overly complicated look is something you don’t want to worry about on your special day. Remember, keep it simple.

Low bun

This low bun hairstyle will make your hair look neat on top and will make it very suitable to wear jewels, combs or any other accessory, like this one with pearls.

Lets twist again

Any type of twisted design will elicit romance and surprise. Twists are very original and can give an extra touch to any type of hairstlye. Add it to a sleek up-do or a loose hair and with some gentle twists you will definitely rock it.

Gorgeous hair knots

Creating hair knots will create a spectacular ponytail which will give a lot of volume to your hairstyle.

Long wavy loose hair

Some trends never change. For brides with longer hair or which might want to get one extension or two, loose hair is top.

A wide variery of possibilities arise when choosing this hairstyle. Pull half of the hair up while leaving the rest of it down, create a relaxed effect by making some curls, or simply let it be. You can be sure you will get the most elegant, romantic and yet natural look on your best day.

Braids crown

The queen of the day deserves a crown. Why not doing it with braids and finish it off with a beautiful red lace holding the ponytail and matching the flower styling.

Wavy ponytail

For a clean and neat approach, we have the wavy ponytail wedding hairstyle. Probably one of its advantages is that it doesn’t get into the brides face, so it is very confortable to wear.

Ponytails can be secured high or low to achieve different looks. Remember to use a pretty hair embellishment to hold the hair knot.

Wearing Bridal Hair Accessories

A beautiful hair comb is a great accessory to add to your look. It can carry away the hair towards one side of the head, o backwards, giving importance and visibility to other jewels such as earrings.

Combs can be worn with plenty of different hairstyles,  down or up, and can have different sizes. Remember though that if you are wearing a veil, the comb must be placed on top of it, elevating its look.

Headbands with flowers are also a very good option for brides that would like to look really romantic, but their hair isn’t long or thick enough to make natural braids.

You can even think of matching the wedding’s floral design.

Other good accessories that are trending this 2020 are precious stones and jewelry nested along your hair.

Share with us which hairstyle you wore in your past wedding!