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Today we tell you the love story of Rosa and Ferran, a Catalan couple that we miss very much… Their wedding was in mid-September 2019, the place chosen by our couple was a beautiful Catalan farmhouse called Can Cuch lost in the middle of the Natural Park of Montseny. This area is mostly known for its wonderful magical and remote surroundings surrounded by green areas with much peace.

The morning of the wedding day began with a rain threat that kept us in a state of fear during the whole assembly, finally we ended up choosing to celebrate the dinner indoors to avoid having any last minute surprises.

The groom was getting ready and dressing in his parents’ room, while our bride was with her make-up artist and hairdresser in the suite of the same farmhouse. She really enjoyed these moments before the ceremony with her twin sister, her mother and her other older sister, who were able to live very emotional moments while enjoying the whole process.

It was clear for our bride that, on her big day, she was going to wear a unique piece for her whole family. This piece was a very special watch for her, as it had belonged to her maternal grandmother, who, like her, her twin sister, also wore it at her wedding.

Rosa’s dress was from the atelier Barea Barcelona, they designed it exclusively for her, it couldn’t have been more perfect, it fit her perfectly. The shoes she wore were a pair of Serena Whitehaven in powder pink. As far as make-up is concerned, she chose something very natural and her hair couldn’t be more ideal. She wore a low tail knotted with a velvet ribbon in a wine colour.

Our bride’s bouquet deserves special mention since all of us who were working that day declared ourselves unconditional fans of this extraordinary piece. It was a mixture of green, light pink, wine and beige tones, not to mention the velvet knotting.

Minutes before the beginning of the ceremony, it was very nice to see the surprised faces of the guests when they arrived and saw everything set up, it truly was like being hanged on the middle of nowhere surrounded by mountains and more mountains. And the time had come! The entrances of the bride and groom were magical in this unique environment, around the altar we created a floral base in a semicircle.

Once the ceremony was over, the guests went on to the aperitif, where they could enjoy the gastronomy served. As soon as the bride and groom arrived at the aperitif area, a good commotion was created as the groom, an elite trial bike athlete, made his triumphant entrance with his already wife on a mountain trial that is very special for the whole family as it has been passed on from generation to generation.

The seating plan chosen was a corner in which the bride and groom offered as a detail for each of their guests a pot of honey, plus a personalized wooden spoon in which they discovered the name and number of the table where each one sat… The truth is that the guests liked it very much, as it couldn’t be any other way, all of it was done by our stylist Andrea Llàcer. As far as the minutes are concerned, we chose to make a single minute on fabric before entering the room, it was very nice.

Once they passed to the dinner, which finally as we said, we set up indoors, they found an area full of curtains of light, a very romantic lighting and full of candles. We dressed the tables combining Vichy tablecloths with powdered roses and it was wonderful, the centerpieces were wild styled, with flowers and seasonal fruits, combining both is a delight! It brings texture and movement creating a UNIQUE composition.

Finally we started the disco in the outside area, it was all lit up with garlands as if it were a sparkling sky, Rosa and Ferran’s first dance was very romantic. Then the only thing left to do was to have fun in the disco that lasted until the early hours of the morning.

Your wedding was beautiful, Rosa and Ferran!