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Today we bring you the wedding of Lorna and Carl, a lovely English couple. Unconditional lovers of the natural, organic and relaxed… they always knew that above all their wedding would breathe nature.

A part of our bride’s family lives between Barcelona and the Empordà, where the wedding finally took place. Their guests came from different parts of the world, but mostly from England. For our couple it was very important that their guests felt at home when they arrived in Spain, they were accommodated in 3 different hotels in the area surrounded by nature, you could breathe above all calm, fresh air and relaxation.

Lorna got ready with her mother and her bridesmaids at her uncle’s house, in a small village in Girona called Corçà situated in the heart of the Empordà. The truth is that all the girls had a great time while they were changing and preparing… our bride’s dress a Stephanie Allin fit her perfectly. Her bridesmaids were in a powder pink shade, we love this color, as we always say, it’s a total hit and this past season we had it on many of our bridesmaids.

Lorna wore make-up that gave her beautiful look a lot of intensity, and her hair was loose and she wore a real jewel in the form of a Suma Cruz headband.

The groom prepared himself in the house where his parents were staying, the location couldn’t be nicer. Once everyone was ready, the groom and the godfather went in a beautiful white MG to the church where the ceremony was held.

The decoration on the church entrance was simply wonderful! Flowers and greens in burgundy tones, creating a lot of volume and marking a unique entrance. The arch was full of “cotinus” … what a delight Flors Laguarda certainly made.

The bride’s entrance to the church was very special as she entered on the arm of her brother Andrew, all enlivened by a string trio playing her favorite song.

As soon as the ceremony ended, the guests went to the aperitif held at the “Castell de Caramany” served by the catering company Molí de l’escala. Upon arrival, the guests went to the patio of the fountains and danced to the rhythm of an English dj who was a friend of the bride and groom and a saxophonist. They then played a rumba duo that enchanted and surprised all the guests.

The seating plan was made with very typical baskets from the Empordà area, in which all the guests could see where they would sit during dinner. Thank you always Andrea Llàcer for so much and so much magic!

Dinner was held in the courtyard of the castle arches, surrounded by columns and stone arches overlooking the main gardens.
Presiding over dinner, there were 3 imperial tables with a beautiful decoration with hanging centers in green and burgundy tones, flowers and pampas.
The entry of the bride and groom to the dinner was epic, as soon as they entered the guests started dancing and jumping! the speeches were very, very emotional.

The disco was fantastic and lasted until the early hours of the morning. We wanted to organize a corner in which the bride and groom gave all the girls who attended the wedding some espadrilles in “nude” and earth colours so that they would not have any kind of excuse to continue dancing at all times.

Overall, it was a magical wedding in the heart of the Empordà.