Spain, and its surroundings are the ideal destination to celebrate your dream wedding, a land of many climates and cultural atmospheres. Whether you wish to marry in a castle, on a beach vibes venue or in a small village in the countryside, you have many options. For example Barcelona it is a city bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and with an amazing gastronomy,  and an incredible architectural offer. Let yourself be surprised by Barcelona city,  it is a city-museum, the medieval Gothic style, the colorful Modernist architecture or the relaxing green parks make impossible not to come to admire that magic it contains. Barcelona, is a city that never sleeps, full of charm a wonderful mix of old and new.

Best landscapes of cliffs, marine reserves, botanical gardens, tropical species, coves, beaches, crystalline waters and, above all, the richest seafood and wines in the world are located here in Spain.

I think it is very important to emphasize that it enjoys an excellent connection to international destinations via airplane, train, ship… what means you can start your honeymoon from here very easily.

A destination wedding in Spain will be exotic, romantic, and rich with culture. From the delicious cuisine to the charm of Spanish traditions, your wedding in Spain will provide a lifetime of memories for you and your guests.

getting married in spain

Religious Wedding or not

Many couples chose to take care of the legalities by civil marriage in their home country and then hold a celebration here in Spain for their friends and family, which to all present will appear as a normal wedding ceremony.

For a religious wedding, the timeline is very important, you should coordinate with your church of choice ahead of time. Non-nationals need to have their documents sent to the Bishop of the diocese in which they intend to marry to receive special permission. This can take up to four weeks and should be sent by your local Archbishop or priest.

The Weather in Spain

In Spain a good weather is pretty much guaranteed, and it’s a natural choice if you want to avoid rain, enjoy outdoor venues and feel the sun’s heat.

It has a predominantly warm Mediterranean climate, with dry summers and winters with balanced temperatures. Here you can enjoy more than 3,000 hours of sunshine per year. It is no surprise, then, that this is one of the warmest parts of Europe.

However, there are some indications you need to consider in terms of the weather:

  • The Mediterranean coast has a mild winters and a relatively hot summers
  • The Northern coast has cold and rainy winters and mild summers
  • The interior has extremely cold winters and extremely hot summers

Be careful on which outfit you prepare and mind the dates.

The Spanish Gastronomy

The welcome drink is always served right before the ceremony to start, normally is something with no alcohol.  After that as soon as guests arrive to the aperitif  a glass of cava will be served to them.

During the aperitif a lot of different canapés and different kind of buffets or show cooking stations like a ham cutter with a grill for the meat lovers, a veggie corner, sushi, cheeses, etc… are served to them. Many different options can be chosen when it comes to assembling this first appetizer meal, which of course comes together with some soft drinks, like cava, wine or beer.

Once we move for dinner, we will be given a starter, always trying to have light options, followed by the main course, which consists of either fish, seafood or meat. Before the wedding cake, we always have the pre-dessert which can have an artfully presented way. During the meal, the waiters will constantly make sure your cup doesn’t lack wine. And of course for the toast, cava will be our first choice.

For party animals there will be a diffrent kind of snacks like sandwiches, “churros con chocolate”, mini hot dogs or mini burgers. Called night snacks, you will definitely thank this gesture.


Spain is well known to have many airports and since it is a very touristic country, it is very well connected with many destinations in Europe. Besides, being Madrid and Barcelona, a business and touristic hub respectively, helps optimize the travelling times.

If you decide to pick a beatiful coastline location such as the Costa Brava, you can land at the Girona Airport and make it to the wedding on time.

List of airports and harbours


  •  Barcelona: Aeropuerto Josep Tarradellas – El Prat
  • Costa Brava: Aeropuerto de Girona
  • Tarragona (Costa Dorada): Aeropuerto de Reus
  • Málaga (Costa del Sol): Aeropuerto de Málaga – Pablo Picasso
  • Madrid: Aeropuerto de Madrid – Adolfo Suarez – Barajas
  • Menorca: Aeropuerto de Menorca
  • Mallorca: Aeropuerto de Mallorca
  • Valencia: Aeropuerto de Valencia
  • Sevilla: Aeropuerto de Sevilla – San Pablo
  • Cádiz: Aeropuerto de Jerez La Parra
  • Córdoba: Aeropuerto de Córdoba


  • Puerto de Valencia
  • Puerto de Barcelona

Definitely Spain is one of the best options to organize your wedding! There are plenty of wedding options in Barcelona.