Brittany & Corey

An Extraordinary Wedding Experience between Fairytail Luxury and vibrant disco! 

Brittany and Corey’s wedding can be described in three words: exciting, elegant, and wild! The magical charms of sophisticated elegance combined with vibrant party ambiances curated a celebration truly unique.  

This couple’s love story is marked by the many incredible journeys and adventures they had embarked on together – from California’s bustling streets to the scenic landscapes of Puerto Rico. Their vibrant wedding celebration in the enchanting surroundings of Barcelona became a true reflection of their sensational romance – a journey filled with adventures and shared experiences. 

In the heart of Catalonia, the green gardens and chic premises of the Sant Marçal Castle set the magnificent backdrop of Brittany and Corey’s elegant wedding ceremony. This location is established as one of the top-tier wedding venues in the region due to its magical atmosphere that is close reach to Barcelona city. 

The couple exchanged their first look in front of a stunning chapel next to the castle and shared an intimate moment of love and appreciation before walking down the aisle – a memory designated to endure for years.

As the guests arrived, they were greeted by the harmonious melodies of a string quartet, setting the tone for the day ahead. Accompanied by refreshing beverages, they relished the delightful Spanish weather beneath the shade of the garden trees while anticipating the arrival of the couple.

Brittany and Corey’s ceremony commenced with the groom’s playful arrival accompanied by his closest friends, bicycling goggles, and tuneful techno beats. Soon after, the bride and her parents followed, leading to the altar of beautiful white and green flower arrangements. The ceremony was held ahead of the majestic castle facade and defined a moment of pure elegance and true romance. 

After the ceremony, the wedding party enjoyed a light aperitivo surrounded by soulful guitar sounds. The highlight of the aperitivo was the meticulously curated gastronomic experience. The bar offered outstanding cocktails that surprised the guests with sensory surprises and innovations. Additionally, the sushi buffet and the ham station were served on beautiful handmade tiles that were uniquely designed to complete the couple’s wedding aesthetics. 

As the evening slowly faded into the dinner celebration, the guests found their seating in the charismatic grounds of the castle patio. The al fresco dinner set-up was inspired by chic table arrangements covered in white florals with green accents. One truly touching moment marking the wedding reception was induced by Brittany and Corey’s wedding favours: they had written a personalized letter to each of their guests, expressing their appreciation and love. 

And Corey had another surprise for his newlywed wife. Suddenly, the castle walls were illuminated in a mesmerising video mapping that showed the couple’s most exciting, emotional, and inspiring moments on their journeys together. Not a single eye remained dry from tears as Corey unfolded this intimate confession of love to his wife.

As the sun set behind the castle, the wedding celebration unfolded into a new chapter – unlimited fun and party! When the first drops of the rhythmic party beats filled the air, the newlyweds and their guests made their entrance through a grand curtain into the historic castle rooms that revealed the disco. The party that followed combined an unrepeatable atmosphere. Held against the historical backdrop of wall painterly and breathtaking architecture, euphoric energies filled the room with technical beats and modern-day revelry. 

The scenery of the party room was inspired by the series “White Lotus” because of the resembling paintery presented on the historic walls and the majestic atmosphere filling the room. The centerpiece of the room was a dessert buffet that offered tiramisu, fruits, and a champagne tower in sophisticated vintage design and blended the modern glamour of the celebration perfectly into its historic ambiance. 

The night found its peak with the electrifying performance of two dancers in disco suits. Their electrifying moves and shimmering reflections captivated the crowd, drawing them into a whirlwind of colour and light. It was a spectacle of pure joy and celebration – a fitting tribute to the couple’s love for life and adventure. 

Brittany and Corey’s wedding was a testament to their personal love story from the first entrance to the noble castle grounds to the unforgettable disco finale. Every moment reflected that this event was more than just a wedding – it was an extraordinary experience engraved in the hearts of all who were part of it.


Wedding Planner: Cocó&Carl XXXXX.