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Barcelona, and their sorroundings are the ideal destination to celebrate your dream wedding, it is a city bathed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and with an amazing gastronomy,  and an incredible architectural offer.

I think it is very important to emphasize that it enjoys an excellent connection to international destinations via airplane, train, ship… what means you can start your honeymoon from here very easily.

Let yourself be surprised by Barcelona city,  it is a city-museum, the medieval Gothic style, the colorful Modernist architecture or the relaxing green parks make impossible not to come to admire thatmagic it contains. Barcelona, is a city that never sleeps, full of charm a wonderful mix of old and new.

Under my point of view is one of the most beautiful places in the country, and especially the whole area of the Costa Brava, I always say that as soon as I walk in through the Costa Brava I feel the best landscapes of cliffs, marine reserves, botanical gardens, tropical species, coves, beaches, crystalline waters and, above all, the richest seafood and wines in the world.  

Yet to mention is the closeness to the breathtaking Pyrenees, where you can find the inner peace and enjoy very intimate weddings sorrounded by rivers, green Meadows, or fairytale villages. The best meat and farm grown vegetables are here to try. 

Do not hesitate and choose Catalonia to spend your events. 

Whatever your wishes are, they can be fulfilled here with us.

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