Getting married is not an easy event. That said, most of the people don’t even know how to start the planning. For this we would like to bring you some tips of what you should take into consideration if you are planning your wedding in 2020, as well as some trends that will surely make your life easier.

Together with our wedding planner expertise, we will reveal how to organize a wedding following the most important trends.

The Bride and the Bridesmaids

This part can also be dedicated to weddings and those that are getting married in 2021, since taking care of certain aesthetics can take more time than expected.

  • Hair with volume: XL Wavy hair is going to be trending. Brides are increasingly likely to wear their hair lose on their wedding day. Let your hair go, it will look natural and relaxed
  • Smoky eyes: We are betting on eye-catching eyes on your wedding day, so why not bet on them if it’s a look that favors many brides? The top used colors are still brown or even black or grey, but for the most daring, colors like bronze or green tones can make the difference. Give your look a spectacular touch
  • Manicure in nude tones: Discarding the french manicure option has become an option for many brides. and nude tones are becoming the favorite alternative. Beige or stick pink tones are good for romantic and delicate brides. Don’t forget to think fresh and natural
  • Baking Technique:  For ever lasting makeup. We’ve seen this around for a while, and the case is that more and more professionals are starting to use this technique. Born in the theater, it leaves a much finer appearence on the skin which lasts forever. If you have an oily skin, consider asking your stylist



The Bride’s Dress: This is cornerstone…

This is one piece of your closet ever after your wedding. A good tip is to get some accessories and looks to decorate your dress during the different wedding stages. Brides are starting to wear tighter dresses.

Consider an elegant a sober version of the wedding dress, opting for elegant lines and dazzling veils. If you want to give it a modern touch, mind bare shoulders that flatter to the bust line.

Wedding dress: Curtis Cornelius

The bridesmaids’ dresses: Last but not least

In 2020 the bride will continue to chose the dresses of her bridesmaids to make sure they fit in accordingly. To make sure your best women feel radiant in joy on the big day, remember to take into account the complexion and skin tone of your bridesmaids.

A good advice is to share with them your ideas, and let them choose something within that range.


The Ring

One habit nowadays is to have the ring chosen by both bride and groom.

It is no longer a solitary decision, and it has been seen more and more in jewelry shops in big cities all around the world. It’s important that you feel completely satisfied with it, since this little jewel is something you are going to be wearing for the rest of your life.

Couples want rings with a soul and a story. 

According to Mia Moros, founder of The One I Love NYC, a very popular choice is to pick pillow-sized diamonds (cut squared with round corners), as well as rings made of yellow gold instead of platinum.

Flowers and Decoration

In 2018, we’ve been seeing the rustic trend. Well it is time to say goodbye to the rustic and welcome the natural. Making the event look gardenish will be one of the trends wedding planners will follow in the years to come. Nothing overloaded, but fresh, flower arrangement with a lot of movement and a more vegetable than floral tendency.

The key to 2020 wedding will be dedication in details and not exaggerated options. An option will be for example to include initials on everything, such as glassware and napkins. Tables will look more simple, but will have several details that will stick out.

Wild flowers and herbs are preferred, rather than cultivated roses and flowers. Forget about the “The bigger, the better”, and focus on the SMALL details, which make things BIG.

Pantone has trended lately with a set of violet tones, combined with some marks of green or gold, which we will probably see in this year’s weddings.

As seen already this past year, green and cake tones will be combined, especially at mediterranean weddings.

Bouquet Marly

Flowers: Best Day Ever

Food Stations

Food stations are one of the main attractions your guests will remember. It’s still at the beginning of the wedding and they’ve still haven’t had many drinks. In any case, your guests will love those small delicatessens served all around. Don’t forget that vegans are trending, so remeber as well to include a vegetarian offer for all palates.

The Venue

Local or destination wedding, the venue matters a lot. It’s not the same getting married in Barcelona, where the weather is mild and you’re surrounded by brown tones, than in the north of Spain, where you might find rain and low temperatures, as well as an intense green tone landscape.

For all this, it is really important that the place you pick matches everything else. In 2020, outdoor weddings in Spain will still be trendy, since the sun is surely one of our favorite guests.

However, remember to be unique. Make your big day personal, and don’t do what everybody does. Don’t forget to add the personal touch to each and every single decision you make.

Here’s a good one for a mediterranean wedding:

  • Gaudí tiles as wedding favours: To increase the Barcelona touch in one of our weddings, a ceramist created a customized Gaudí tile for each of the guests, and besides being a nice gift, it was used as a seating chart
  • Soft flowing fabrics: To give airy style to the venue, it is trendy to use these type of fabrics on table runners and matching napkins
Wedding Favour Flower Set Up

Gaudí tiles as wedding favour

Soft Flowing Fabrics

We invite you to share with us more fantastic trends below …