Trying to figure out where to celebrate an unforgetable honeymoon experience? The first thing that pops up in our mind is, how would you want to do it and where. The immediate activity after a wedding is to set off to a honeymoon destination, but prior to this, gathering honeymoon ideas might be very useful.

For this reason, we’re going to save you some time by listing the 10 best honeymoon destinations.

1. Hawaii

Hawaii is a honeymoon destination which never seems to go unnoticed. Enjoying the beaches and its sunny weather might be the first impression we have of Hawaii, but we can’t forget the wilderness, the green mountains and volcanoes, all synonyms of adventure.

This is a trip that will definitely combine sports like hiking, surfing, snorkeling or horseback riding, and you will of course get a dip of the hawaiian culture.

Full of new resorts, Maui is an island that is trending lately, but we suggest visiting 2-3 islands if your schedule allows it.

2. Bora Bora

Welcome to paradise. A honeymoon in Bora Bora is a dream come true. Protected by a coral reef, offering crystal-clear waters, colorful fish and astounding landscapes. This island in the French Polynesia is located northeast from Tahiti.

You won’t miss mount Otemanu, an inactive volcano present in the middle of the island.

3. Maldives

A breathtaking romantic environment. Chilling on a porch of a private villa, while enjoying the sunset is one of the things you will be doing if you pick Maldives as a honeymoon destination.

Besides relaxing and disonnecting, you also might need some activities to do. We recommend private fishing trips, exploring the underwater world during a scuba diving tour and sailing through the corals. During night time, you will also be able to observe the micro marine life glow in the dark.

All of this can be tailored by your honeymoon planner in this Indian Ocean archipielago.

4. Bali

Probably one of the coolest places on earth. A honeymoon in Bali is a fulfilling experience. Not only you will feed of it’s neverending cultural traditions, but you will as well be able to experience with nature’s best provisions.

Having said all of this, the villas won’t dissapoint and the price of the honeymoon destination won’t be sky-high.

5. Greece

A classic destination which never goes outdated. A honeymoon in Greece will surely reinforce love bonds. Honeymooners can opt for any set of islands, consisting of stunning beaches, incredible mediterranean cuisine, and a social party-related scenario in Mykonos.

If that’s not enough, you will immerse on it’s culture and history, and we definitely recommend a few days in Athens, to get the full glance.

6. Italy

Bathed by the meditarrean sea, it’s warm-blooded people and traditions, a honeymoon in Italy is as popular es ever, even though we are starting to see a change in the trends. Couples are changing their travel dates, and it’s common to see honeymoons in October or in other off-months like April, May or September, rather than in August.

A love experience for art, wine, trails and welness addicts. Do not miss visiting La Toscana.

7. Thailand

Thailand is becoming a hot honeymoon in 2020. The honeymoon routes include Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket, but we can’t forget amazing islands like Koh Tao. The rates are very affordable, even if the flight is more expensive.

A very good pick if you want to combine a beach and mountain experience, mixed with a very different culture.

8. South Africa

A very far destination, a honeymoon in South Africa will definitely be worth the travelling time. You can expect adventure, excitement and a stunning wildlife, combined with a vibrant culture. Visit the Victoria Falls, go shark diving at Cape Point or wine tasting.

All of that without mentioning the safari tours.

9. Sri Lanka

Described by Marco Polo as one of the finest islands of its size in the world. Hanging out at the hotel, ensonced in the middle of the jungle. Right below India, full of budhist ruins and green sceenes.

Enjoy its monkeys, palaces and tea fields.

10. Fiji

This amazing archipielago offers us coral reefs resulting in lagoons and beautiful beaches. Rich culture and ancient sites are one of the things you might want to explore if you travel to this country in the south of the Pacific Ocean.

Amazing romantic honeymoons at affordable rates await you there.

We invite you to share with us more fantastic honeymoon destinations below …